Dragon Slayers

Dreams and Debts

As Kai walked over to look at it, the body of the “dead girl” stood up and changed shape into a man. He wore black, and had long, straight, black hair. He spoke briefly to the party, insinuating that there was something going on behind the scenes for some time now. He disappeared. After resting, the 3 surviving members of the party (Seh was lost in the last battle) explored the rest of the cave. As the day went on, they experienced a powerful magical event, their entire world roiling about them. Just as they escaped the mountain, they met the mysterious stranger again. He promised to restore their companion to them, and even supply information at opportune times, if they would only accept a small debt to him… The party accepted, and they woke again in the cave, discovering Seh alive and well.

Story So Far
In-Progress Recap, probably to be separated into separate sections if I can remember

Sorry guys, it’s late at night. Nothing to see here yet! Just need to create this post so I can store my stuff behind the scenes. One thing you could do is to post your session responses in the comments for each day, but this is a generic background so far, so it will have to do for now, I guess. We’ll see how this works out. Maybe a separate forum for each session’s responses. If you feel uncomfortable letting others read your response, I understand completely and would prefer you send it to me through email. Remember, 1000 XP for anybody who has the time!


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