Dragon Slayers

Story So Far

In-Progress Recap, probably to be separated into separate sections if I can remember

Sorry guys, it’s late at night. Nothing to see here yet! Just need to create this post so I can store my stuff behind the scenes. One thing you could do is to post your session responses in the comments for each day, but this is a generic background so far, so it will have to do for now, I guess. We’ll see how this works out. Maybe a separate forum for each session’s responses. If you feel uncomfortable letting others read your response, I understand completely and would prefer you send it to me through email. Remember, 1000 XP for anybody who has the time!


Well, it started with the forest of bugbears. We went into the Silhar temple and put a sack over a dead ladies head, and then pwned a wizard. We saved a dude who was turned into an ettin. We killed a bad guy who was using an eversoaking sponge. We got a map and followed it, basically killing everything that got in our way, including a barbarian and a priestess. I wound up with a cult following of frog people. We raided an old keep and killed a white dragon, and got a cloak. We went to the north and found a freezie-sword, and Drail got drained. We ran like heck for a few days, and got back to a city. There I fought off a horde of demons while Drail and Ronin got in a bar fight. We burned most of the city by accident, and then ran away. I got turned into a fish dude while bathing, and we rambled around Iuz’s domain for a time. Now we’re in the mountains killing dragon cultists.

This isn’t at all in character. I’ll probably work on that later (Kai being the living archive of knowledge and all that). I just thought it might be helpful to start with an outline. Feel free to sketch stuff in in character, or otherwise point out events I missed.

Story So Far

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