A Weapon Master

Level 11 Weapon Master ECL 11
AC 29 Touch AC 22 Flat-footed AC 17
Total HP 118
BAB 11/6/1 ->with chosen weapon it is (13/8/3)
STATS # Saves #
STRENGTH 19 Fort 10
CONSTITUTION 16 Ref 5 Grapple 15
WISDOM 13 Will 4

I grew up in a temple devoted to the fight. We are taught how to read our opponents and focus on their weaknesses to defeat them. We are taught to use a large variety of weapons, but we all focus on different styles. We are taught to use balance and strength throughout our attacks and to utilize our surroundings to our advantage. After many years of training we are sent on a mission to further develop our skills with our chosen weapon style. We are to return after we feel we have learned enough and bring the knowledge back to our masters.

My master brought me to the desert for training, but he was killed by assassins and now i am stuck with these three guys from all over the continent. One of them is Seh Torsst and he summons a variety of animals and creatures most of which i have never seen. Kai-Tryz, who seems to be about my age, uses magic to do very many weird things, it seems one of his favorite spells causes a green flame to cause an immense amount of damage to whoever he sees fit. The last guy is Drail he fights just as i do but with much less finesse, although he seems to crush his opponents before thinking about what he is doing.

We went to a castle and killed a dragon and a troll. We are now going to another spot on our map.

Drail got a new sword that is very cold. Then we were attacked by evil things that made Drail go into a coma. On the way back to town we were attacked by a mist and Kai also lost his strength and i had to carry him and run to town to find a cleric. They are both fine now. After Drail woke up we brought the dead baby dragon to a tanner and made it into a belt.

Drail can be fairly blunt at times, like when we went to a bar and he took some drugs and went blind from it, the bouncers did not like that at all, but i killed 2 of them and Seh’s magically created beast killed the other. Seh ran away to find Kai who became invisible or something like that. As it turned out Kai had set the town on fire so we had to leave.

I have named my sword The Silent One, and Seh died while we were fighting a dragon thing with spikes, also Drail ran away like a small child. (who can blame him he did after all get thrown around by the dragon.)

We all had weird dreams last night in the cave and there was a mysterious stranger offering us information. He also resurrected Seh.

We have been traveling and we came across some goblins. we have prevented them from attacking any travelers and have told them that they should be productive and good. Then we went to a camp of kobolds and we attacked them killing 26 of them (i killed 16) and we captured one of them and we followed the others into a small tunnel system. Seh summoned our new goblin friends and two of them died because of him.

I have died twice, but they can resurrect me with their magic i guess. I think i will work towards countering magic with my sword, spell-casters seem much weaker up close.>=)


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