Seh Torsst

A summoner


Seh Torsst: Level 12 Bloodpact Summoner

STR 14 DEX 14 CON 16 INT 16 WIS 12 CHA 18

AC: 17 [10 + 2 (dex) + 2 (shield) + 3 (ring of protection)] Touch: 15 Flat-Footed: 15

HP: 66




Range Touch Attack: +6

Racial Traits:

Bound Item Pact Summon VI Call Ally

Feats: Augment Summons (+4 Str and Con) Quicken Summons (+10 movement) Persistent Summons (+2 against dispels) Tough Summons (damage reduction 1) Cloudy Conjuration (a 5-foot-radius cloud of sickening smoke manifest on summon, all living creatures within are sickened except for the summoned) Improved Initiative (+4 Initiative) Summon Elemental [reserve] (summon a small elemental as long as a spell of lvl 4 or higher is available. Flicker (Teleport 5 feet/caster level once per round up to 12 (caster level) times as an immediate action) Fiendish Summoning Specialist (Grants another summon as long as it is evil)

Languages: Common, Infernal, Abyssal, Terran, Auran, Aquan, Celestial, Giant

Skill Ranks: Bluff-18 Concentration-16 Diplomacy-20 Knowledge (The Planes)-17 Listen-18 Search-17 Spellcraft-17 Spot-15


I grew up as an orphan in the town of Yecha on the eastern shore of Greyhawk. Alone, poor, and without family, I took to tricking others into doing what I wanted so that I could eat for a day. I honed my ability to lie at a young age and turned that skill into convincing others that it was a good idea for them to do what I said just because I said so. At a very young age, I became quite the diplomatic character. While I was walking back into the mountains to the small cave that I slept in, I saw the town recluse on the side of the cliff in a small clearing. Curious as to what he was doing, I hid behind a couple of rocks and watched. The old man moved his hands and arms fluidly, in them a tiny bag and a small candle, and said aloud a series of words in a language that I had never heard before. Suddenly, before my eyes appeared a great Demon, the likes of which I had never seen before. He spoke to it for a while in some demonic language and just as it had appeared; it vanished.

As I was still in awe at what I had just seen, a bear roared from my left. Before I could do anything it charged at me and proceeded to rip its terrible claws through my stomach. I fell to the ground fearing that my life was over when directly above me sprang a giant flaming worm directly into the bear. As the worm wrapped itself around the bear, I tried to stand only to realize the horror of a situation I was in, the entire left side of my stomach was gone. I closed my eyes and began to fall asleep when a sharp pain, unlike the one I was already experiencing, coursed through my body. It was more like a relieving pain than a hurting pain, like the kind that makes you laugh when you get hurt instead of cry. My stomach began to reappear, organ by organ, and I felt blood pour back into my body from some unknown place. It was to this feeling that I lost consciousness.

When I awoke I had not a scratch on me, my shirt was not even torn. I looked around and saw the old man sleeping on the floor beside the bed I was in. I had not known what happened the previous night, but I was positive that I did not want to be around that demon summoning man. Not wishing to wake him up for fear that he would be angry with me for watching him, I quietly crept out of his small hut and returned to my homely cave. As I passed by the opening where the old man summoned the demon I came across the tiny bag and candle from the night before, I thought to myself that if I could summon a creature to me, perhaps I would be able to get my own food from hunting rather than getting it from other kids in the town. With great care to mimic the old man, I moved in the ways that he did and spoke the words that he had spoken. I was concentrating on the fire worm that I had seen with all my might. I wanted to see it again because it had saved me the night before. Just as I was completing the motions and the final words my gaze caught hold of the old man with a look of terror on his face.

Rather than summoning like fire worm as the old man had summoned the demon, I had managed to call forth a terrible flaming bloody mess. The only problem was that I could feel my life begin to drain as the bloodied creature clang onto my life force for it’s sake. I began to fade away as the old man ran up to it and without delay took a portion of it’s still burning blood upon a knife and thrust it into my chest. I knew I could not trust this man. He continued to speak over me in a multitude of different languages, all of which I ha never heard and for a few seconds, he looked at me with suspense as I felt my life was fading away. I thought to myself, why does he care? He is the one that stabbed me…

Just before I thought I was going to die, my heart took to the boiling blood. I felt the warmth of life spring back into me. After a few more muttered words from the old man’s lips, my chest sealed back together. He told me that I was never to try to summon anything again and to forget what I had seen. He angrily stood up and began to walk away when he turned and told me to go back to my family. After a few seconds of silence, I told him that I had no family. That is how I met my Master.

Upon learning that I was an orphan, the old man took me in and cared for me. I learned his name was Torsst (I was to address him as Master Torsst) and that he was a summoner. Master Torsst would never talk about his past but he could do some astounding things when it came to summoning. He would summon food and water for us and kept us warm with conjured fire in the winter. Many years went by and I merely watched as he would conjure these amazing things. I picked up a little, but was forbidden to practice this craft for a reason that Master Torsst would not speak of.

Every now and again, he would leave the house for hours at a time taking with him his tiny bag and candle. Upon returning from one of his escapades, he rushed up to me with a face as white as snow and told me that we would have to leave immediately and mentioned something about how my future depends on this and a message that Dorzlgog had given him.

We headed westwards into the mountains and journeyed deep to the west far beyond anywhere I had ever known. Master Torsst said that we had little time and a lot of material to cover. So, as we ventured on this mission I was taught the ways of summoning and what it meant for me to be a summoner. Day after day I learned more about new creatures—natural, planar, and even undead. I learned how to conjure a living animal and control it for a few seconds. As we neared our destination Master Torsst told me that long ago when I had attempted my first summoning, he had saved my life by performing the Bloodpact Ritual. He informed me that as I grew, I would begin to understand summoning in a way that nobody else could. When we reached our destination, Master Torsst told me that in the Blood was the knowledge, and in order to learn I would have to make bonds with my summons. The Blood contained the knowledge of how to make a summoning stronger than what it would normally be by summoning it with extra sharp claws and extra thick skin, how to bind items to myself for later summoning, and even how to call a friend from anywhere else on my plane.

When we parted ways, Master Torsst gave me a message, the same one that he had received from his demon Dorzlgog. It was a message about my true family. How I was the youngest of three brothers, and that I was born more than just a poor boy who was left out on the street. It spoke of how dragons awaited us in our destiny. On it was also a strange array of characters that I have not been able to decipher to this day. Master Torsst headed southward and I was told to take a conveniently summoned Giant Turtle across Lake Quag to Ungra Balan where my brothers were waiting for me.

I just met three other young men in the town. They seem to know no more than I do.

... Months go by ...

This is what I think of my brothers at the moment.

The oldest it seems is Drail. He is a big fellow that seems to have grown up in a royal house (though sometimes you wouldn’t be able to tell by the way he behaves himself). He is not afraid to cleave someone in half if they threaten him or us for that matter. Drail seems to have a bit of a temper and I can well imagine what trouble he would cause if tricked into hurting himself or something along those lines. I don’t think that he lets it out much or if the others know of it, but he has a soft caring side. I sometimes hear him talking in his sleep about a love of his who lives in the dark. I don’t know if she is real or just a figment of his imagination, but I’ll just keep quiet about that for now.

The next two appear to be about the same age; at least I cannot tell which is older. Kai is a bit of a know it all, but it is different when you are dealing with someone who really does know it all. He uses magic in a way that is similar to me but it seems to stem from nature more than anything else does. He can make your wounds close with song and create a devastating fire of green erupt from his hands. Kai too has a temper, though only when it comes to the needless destruction of living things. Overall, he is not someone I would like to have as an enemy.

Finally, there is Ronin. Ah Ronin, it seems that he is not very good with speaking, but if there is anyone else who is more prepared for a fight let him be shown, for Ronin will always have a hand on his hilt (even when he is asleep it seems). Ronin has a sword that has an ancient history; I suppose it is quite powerful. Some day he is going to be able to cut through magic itself with his sword, I will eagerly await that day.


We have been traveling for a few months now and have just escaped a treacherous cave with a Razoredged Dragon. The others tell me I died, but I do not recall fading away as I have felt before (though the finger is quite astonishingly similar to my own). We have set up camp just outside the Dragons Den.

Seh Torsst

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